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Songwriter - Composer - Multi-instrumentalist - Producer - Engineer - Recording Academy Member - ASCAP Member. 

Whew! That's a lotta hats for one head but John David Schrader loves wearing each one at the right time! With 3 CD releases under his belt;  From Discontent, Blood In The Wood and his 2011 release Daylight Crashing, John is now working on his 4th self-produced CD! All while writing and recording instrumental scores for TV/Film and being out on the road with his slammin' band JSB - John Schrader Band! "Sleep?...what's that?"

John was born and raised in Kingston, NY. A small city 90 minutes out of NYC by train. His love for music began at an early age when he saw Elvis Presley on TV for the very first time. "I was hooked from then on", says John. Upon finding an old box of 45 records in his mom's attick filled with artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Chuck Berry and a ton others,  it was hook, line and sinker! John started his formal musical education in the 3rd grade when he began playing the violin. The drums followed in the 4th grade. While in High School, John started teaching him self guitar and piano while still playing drums in the school band and in band's outside of school.  John had a magnetic drive toward any musical instrument he saw. He wanted to know how it sounded, how it was played, how it made the sound.  John continued studying music through high school and then he majored in music in college. He got himself involved in every musical ensemble he could find - jazz, classical, wind, percussion...you name it, he was in it! John played the drums, vibes, piano, guitar, sax...whatever was needed. He just wanted to learn!  

John also earned a degree in media production w/ a concentration in Film/Audio/Video production/post-production and has worked in NYC for years in film/audio production. He now owns his own recording studio (JLS Sound) and his own production company (Bugbird Productions) where he scores instrumental music for film/tv.

John is an active, 6-time award winning member of ASCAP and owns his own publishing company - Mahmnic Music Publishing. John is also an active member of SoundExchange and The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The Grammy's). John's latest CD '21 Summers', was a 2016 Grammy Contender for Best New Rock Album for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards! John wrote the entire CD, performed all instruments, all vocals and all engineering by himself at his NY Studio JLS Sound.

John's song writing began in strength  when at 21 he was diagnosed with aggressive testicular cancer and was given time frame of 5 years after the surgery as a guage for his survival rate. This was the same cancer that Lance Armstrong had battled.  John says, "everything I was going through and had gone through growing up needed a voice". John's music reflects the wounds from battling and the pains of losing from a young age - the long climb up from what some call a dead end town - a constant struggle to "tell his story." The loss of his father at age 9 to cancer was to be the rocky start that would shape John's views on life. John also lost his beloved Mother Lorraine to Leukemia. "She was my hero...she was my best friend..she got me through my bout with cancer...It's not possible to put into words what she meant to me", says John. And that's just what he writes about - his loss - his life - his wins. His song's are his 'slice-of-life.' Their themes of pain, struggle, anger and yearning to "get out" yet still embracing with pride, the streets and places that shaped him are palpable.  

John now has 4 self-produced CD releases under his belt including his latest Grammy Submission 21 Summers!  They have received much airplay in the US and overseas! John was awarded a "Certified International Top 100" for his song "shock" off of his CD Daylight Crashing by the IAIRA (International Association of Independent Recording Artist).

John and the band have been making their mark in clubs from Woodstock, NY to NYC, New Jersey and Connecticut and Boston. The band is John on lead vocals, guitar and Piano - Dave DeGraw on Sax, percussion and vocals - Sean North on guitar and vocals - Dennis Styles on Bass and vocals. John has kept great musical company …playing with members of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Johnny Winter, Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, Sting, The David Letterman Band, Billy Joel, Shania Twain, Matchbox 20, Indigo Girls, Bryan Adams, The Cult, Macio Parker, Al Green, Southside Johnny and Leslie West, Van Morrison's Band, Muddy Waters Band, Bo Diddley, Blood Sweat and Tears, Rare Earth, Little Sammy Davis (Imus in the Morning), and Miles Evans (Son of Gil Evans) to name a few. Are we droppin' names? You bet your ass!! ;-) Keep an eye out for John and the band!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 4 Songs Free download links or Free streams below!

Recording these songs brought back a vivid memory. The time the band went to Albany Medical Center Children’s hospital to play for the kids. We played for kids and family in a main room first. I was then asked if we’d go up to the floors to play for the kids who can’t get get out of their beds. Without hesitation, I said yes. I remember playing Drummer Boy in a young girl’s room... she was around 13 years old. Very sick. At one point, she reached for my hand... I stopped playing to hold her hand while the guys kept playing and I sang for her as she cried. I tried to hold it together. I did. We moved from room to room until we came to a room with a mom and a new born in an incubator with tubes everywhere. We were asked to sing Silent Night acapella so as to not raise the infant’s heart rate any higher. We sang while mom touched her baby through the glass. We were told that the baby’s heart rate decreased to a nice safe level while we sang. We left the room and I finally had to find a private spot to “break down”... i did it without anyone knowing. I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was my friend George. He said, “you can stop... I totally understand.” I remember feeling like a failure. That mother was strong as a rock yet I couldn’t hold it together. Maybe because I myself am a cancer survivor and I know that fear and struggle but I remember pulling myself together and telling George that this wasn’t about me. So as administrators and staff followed us, We played for every child in every room until there were no more left. It stands to date as the best gig I’ve ever played....but also the toughest. These are not just holiday songs for me. They are beautiful memories. I made a promise when I was sick years ago.. “if I make it through this, I will always give back.” So I’m giving these gifts to you all. Think of something larger than yourself this holiday. I wish you all the love and peace of the holiday season. Much love to you all! ❤️JDS

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Little Drummer Boy


Blue Christmas


Silent Night


O Holy Night 



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